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The objective of physiological fitness training is to stimulate structural and functional adaptations of different systems of the body in order to improve the Performance potential of athletes in any sport or the Quality of Life of sedentary people or those concerned by chronic diseases.

Our highly secure and cognitive software technology is named IPTP™ (Individual Physiological Transformation Planner). We designed it around cause-effect relationships between the practice of physical activity and physiological adaptations of the body that are critical to help humans adapt and progress towards specific goals. We are currently enabling the integration of IPTP™ with third-party service providers by co-designing Cloud platforms for Lifestyle Health and Performance that will gradually launch via those partnerships in 2021-2023.

IPTP™ allows the design and development of strategic personal calendars and goals with cognitive ability to reprogram training sessions and possible missed workouts. Our roadmap includes timely recommendations on strength conditioning, nutrition and hydration as well as actions enabled by data science and insights from future real-time coaching apps.

 Besides our passionate engagement with sports competitors, we certainly aim at addressing both preventive health and youth fitness education opportunities, demonstrating that a sedentary lifestyle is an inhibitor of human’s internal adaptations and recovery capabilities whereas active lifestyle and sport are amplifiers of those adaptations.

Establishing a full physiological training and transformation program is a complex individualized process which IPTP™ is making possible and more simple for individuals and groups in the future.

IPTP™ consists of different types of sessions and zones (internal adaptation, performance, recovery) because there may be multiple muscular structures and body functions to stimulate. Every training, if it is maintained over a long enough period, has either positive or negative physiological effects.

The effectiveness of those effects lies in well-targeted stimulations that correspond to the physiological requirements of the practiced sport or patient’s condition. In some sports, physiological fitness training can be mixed with other technical and tactical training specific to the practiced sport (ex: athletics, cycling, swimming, triathlon) whereas in other sports it is preferred to keep them separate.

Better by Sport and our partners will help you reach your goals by optimizing the two following processes along your transformation journey:

MySportsLab™ App records your Total Intensity of exertion that stimulates targeted internal adaptations. The App’s future development, beyond its educational state, is dependent on IPTP™’s integration with selected partners.

IPTP™ will organize both duration and training strategy to improve the volume (dosage) of your adaptations. Execution of training will be possible using current commercial heart rate monitors and fitness gym equipment – available via selected partners from 2021 onwards


With MySportsLab™ App, discover and understand how your physical activity stimulates your body’s individual physiological adaptations, and in turn learn how they can positively or negatively impact your quality of life and performance potential.


Nail down your strategy with IPTP™ and benefit from our robust cognitive computing framework and individualized training programs that are designed to transform your physiological adaptations and capabilities towards your specific goals.


IPTP™ leverages your learning and training data history in a unique way. Enjoy real-time coaching aimed at enhancing your motivation, your experience, your learning curve and your performance resulting from the synergy between all systems of your body.