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Everyone’s challenge is to organize training.. so we are doing it for you and blending it with your lifestyle and busy schedule!

Our highly secure and cognitive software technology is named IPTP™ Individual Physiological Transformation Planner. Establishing a full transformation training program with adaptive planning and sessions prescription is a very complex process which IPTP™ is making possible and simple for individuals, coaches and organizations to access in the future.

IPTP™ allows the design of strategic personal schedules with cognitive ability to reprogram training sessions and possible missed workouts. It consists of different types of endurance and/or resistance workouts and types of zones (internal adaptation, recovery, performance in the case of athletes) because there may be multiple muscular structures and body functions to stimulate.

Every training, if maintained over a long enough period, has either positive or negative physiological effects. The effectiveness of those effects lies in well-targeted stimulations that correspond to physiological requirements of the practiced sport or patient’s condition. In some sports, physiological fitness training can be mixed with other technical and tactical training specific to the practiced sport (eg. athletics, cycling, swimming, triathlon) whereas in other sports (team sports) it is preferred to keep them separate.

We are currently enabling the integration of IPTP™ with leading third-party service providers and professional coaches by co-designing lifestyle health and human performance digital platforms that will gradually launch via those partnerships starting 2023.


Better by Sport and our partners will help you reach your goals by optimizing your transformation journey, in summary:

MySportsLab™ records your Total Intensity of exertion that stimulates targeted internal adaptations. Future development and customization of this end user solution are dependent on IPTP™ integration with the first strategic customers/partners.

IPTP™ will organize both duration and training strategy to improve the dosage of your adaptations.

Execution of training will be possible using heart rate monitors and fitness gym equipment – available via selected partners. Our roadmap includes timely recommendations on nutrition and hydration as well as actions enabled by data science/AI.


With MySportsLab™ discover and understand how your physical activity stimulates your body’s individual physiological adaptations, and in turn learn how they can positively or negatively impact your quality of life and performance potential.


Nail down your strategy with IPTP™  and your personal coach if you have one. Benefit from our robust cognitive computing framework and individualized training programs that are designed to transform your capabilities towards your specific goals.


IPTP™ has built-in intelligence that leverages your training data history to make you better. Enjoy real-time coaching aimed at enhancing your motivation, your experience, your learning curve and your performance resulting from the synergy between all systems of your body.