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We Are Better By Sport

The Better by Sport® multigenerational team and advisors are from all corners of the world,
driven by curiosity, learning hunger, energy and passion in an active lifestyle. 
We have been working for and consulted to world top brands in digital technology, semiconductors, mobility, venture capital, private equity, media, sport and health such as: Google, Intel, Intel Capital, Nokia, Samsung, TSMC Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Air Liquide, L’Oréal, Logitech, GE Healthcare, Arthrex, Nike Japan, Fuji TV, Deloitte, BCG, McKinsey, as well as government and institutions: Australian Federal Government, United Nations, Centre Cardio-Thoracique de Monaco since 1990, Monaco Sport Performance Services (MP2S) since 2022, International Olympic Committee – Medical Commission (2000).

J. Chris Lonchampt

Co-Founder, President CEO, Global Sport and Health

Sports passion: alpine skiing, hiking, running, cycling, sailing, tennis, soccer.

Favourite travel experience: Japan. Why? I realized a dream on Hokkaido, professional alpine ski instruction with a great team and seafood!

Didier Barani

Co-founder, Chief Scientist, Monaco-Nice France

Sports passion: alpine skiing, ironman triathlon, mountain biking, hiking, team sports.

Favourite travel experience: North America. Why? a fabulous trip across the West Coast, great moments of joy and happiness shared in family.

Ghislaine Achalid


Sports passion: dance, running, French boxe, Jazz dance again!

Favourite travel experience: Patients' inner journey. Why? Human being can show unsuspected courage and grit!

Dan Zeman

``You're too old to die young`` Dan's first book to the aging baby boomer! SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA

A 40 years professional journey with expertise in Exercise Physiology, servicing individuals and organizations in the health, fitness, and sports medicine arenas: most notably the legendary three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond 1986-1989-1990 and elite athletes within AAU, Minnesota NBA and NFL teams.

Pierre Guimard

USA Insights and New Projects Investments, Tampa Florida

Sports passion: alpine skiing, soccer, hiking and tennis.
Favourite travel experience: Yellow Stone and Big Sky area. Why? It is a place where my family and I get away from everything and enjoy outdoor activities together such as skiing, hiking and seeing many natural wonders.

Bobby Julich OLY

Former World Pro Cyclist, Coach, Consultant USA

Sports passion: road cycling (2004 Athens Olympics Time Trial silver medal), mountain biking, golf, team sports and what ever sport my daughters want to play in the driveway or back yard.

Favourite travel experience: Japan. Why? I was mesmerized by the culture, customs, history, cuisine, technology and people.

Dr Allen Clement


Sports passion: Ultimate Frisbee and team coaching, bouldering, snowboarding.

Favourite travel experience: Colombia. Why? I spent over two weeks backpacking with my four year old. Experiencing a new continent with her was amazing!

Angelo Minoru Kawajiri

Italian-Japanese Elite Track & Field Runner, Graphics Designer, Athleisure Brands Model and Actor, Tokyo Japan

Sports passion: track and field, sprint, martial arts, soccer, Juventus fan!

Favourite travel experience: Sorrento, Italy. Why? The most amazing landscapes, best food, best sea view and most awesome people I have ever seen.

Elina Lonchampt

Independent Advisor, Australia (Manager in Big Four Consulting)

Sports passion: synchronized swimming, running, duathlon, hiking, biking, skiing.

Favourite travel experience: Tasmania, Australia. Why? I hiked the 90km long Overland Track with great friends. It was a fun and rewarding adventure with incredible moments of happiness!

Kate Rodgers

Independent Advisor, USA (Global Brand Media Director at GE HEALTHCARE)

Sports passion: dancing, skiing, yoga, hiking, biking

Favourite travel experience: Denmark. Why? First time living abroad and emerging myself in a new culture. I discovered my love for biking and hygge!