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To our Founding Ambassadors THANK YOU!

Better by Sport's vision is to help humans realize their own physiological potential by practicing their sport intelligently to live better longer. Our founding Ambassadors tested our MySportsLab™ App prototype throughout 2018-2019 to support our journey!

Hervé Faure


I started triathlon when I was 14 in the south of France and I became professional by the late age of 29 in 2005. That same year, I won the Ironman France (World Triathlon Corporation) in Nice. I subsequently went on winning the Embrunman XXL distance Triathlon 3 times (2006, 2007, 2011).

I have always challenged the status quo and been open to technology innovators to optimize my training throughout my career. It has been a pleasure to develop a trusted relationship with Better by Sport founders and benefit locally from Didier Barani’s deep expertise and advice. Physiological fitness is the foundation of any truly effective training and Better by Sport is well positioned to revolutionize the world of training.

MySportsLab iOS app is a timely breakthrough innovation that allows me to control the physiological effectiveness of my training sessions in real-time and I am thrilled to see many more features coming soon. I look forward to helping grow our Better by Sport community!

André Bucher OLY


I started athletics when I was 10 in Canton of Luzern in Switzerland and I became a professional athlete by the age of 21. For about 10 years, I lived exclusively for the sport and participated in 3 Olympic Games and several World and European Championships on 800m. Amongst not only many fulfilling but also disappointing moments, my most significant sporting results as an athlete were winning the IAAF Overall Grand Prix, Golden League and the World Championship title in 2001. After retiring from athletics competition, I became a serial entrepreneur and I am currently the co-founder and CEO of in the Canton of Zug.

Sport has been my lifelong passion and I’ve learned that passion matters! However, to be successful, the experience of a good coach and proven technological edge are essential to reach your full potential. I also learned that optimizing your physiological fitness is critical to achieve the best results without overstraining your body.

Better by Sport has created an awesome inflection point by democratizing professional training and launching MySportsLab!



I decided to start training seriously for running as a freshman in high school in Texas. It exposed me to many once in a lifetime opportunities and lifelong friendships. I have built up lots of running experience (cross country, track & mountain running) over the last 8 years and came to the University of Portland in Oregon to run for the team. I had the opportunity to compete in the 2015 Mountain Running World Championships in Wales where we had our highest US Junior team finish ever, earning silver!

Training is everything when it comes to achieving your potential in the sport of running. Better by Sport presented MySportsLab iOS app to me, I was immediately amazed at all the aspects of the run that were being measured.

MySportsLab allows me to dial in my particulars and review consistent and precise feedback which is an invaluable resource for personal improvement. It’s something very different than what runners might find on other running and fitness apps!

Paola Lonchampt


I grew up racing boys at lunchtime in primary school and also ran with my parents who are keen runners. At age 12, I joined the Athletics Club in Monaco and qualified for my first French National Cross-Country Championships in 2011. I moved to Canberra Australia where I completed my Bachelor of Engineering at the ANU, and participated in Australian National Athletics Championships in 2014 and 2015 on 800m. I also studied in the US at UW Madison (Wisconsin) and enjoyed running with their club.

I’m currently getting back into training after a few months hiatus due to injury. I’ve lost fitness over the past few months and unfortunately my body isn’t able to cope with the same intensity anymore. I used to obsess over the pace displayed by my smartwatch and I ran my recovery runs too fast for the level of fitness I was at. With MySportLab iOS app, I can now use the live adaptation zones monitor during my recovery runs to ensure I stay within my zone.

I love MySportsLab because it allows me to train smarter!

Nicolas Foncin


I’ve been passionate about sport since I was a little child, I started with athletics in Lorraine region in France at the age of 7. My mother was a trainer in an athletics club and one day she took me with her for a training session. I first practiced a lot of sports (handball, football, aikido) and since the age of 12, I’ve been mainly focused on mountain biking and running, and participated in many competitions. I am currently studying Business and Economics at the University of Luxembourg.

Sport is a vital, essential key to happiness in life. As a sportsman and competitor, I train hard to reach my goal and I am excited to join Better by Sport community. MySportsLab iOS app is intended for everyone not only for professional, it’s very easy to use and understand.

In very little time, MySportsLab has changed my training habits, it’s a completely new way of thinking and training that is allowing me to progress and become better day by day!