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Our current digital product development and services are leveraging over 30 years of collaborative work and inventive processes by our co-founder Didier Barani, a French seasoned professional exercise and elite sport physiologist based in Nice, France. Didier’s passion for translating research into practical applications made him a highly respected exercise physiology practitioner as well as a trusted advisor to professional sport coaches, elite athletes and a number of international medical experts.

Didier has been supervising the physiological assessment of healthy and unhealthy patients at the highly praised Cardiothoracic Center in the Principality of Monaco for over two decades. He gradually built up his ability to develop individual physiological development strategies in both performance and health contexts responding to requests from elite athletes, armed forces, firefighters or enterprise senior executives as well as to growing consumer aspirations of wellness, quality of life, stamina, and health prevention.

Our global team will focus on international collaborations and strategic partnerships to build impactful digital platforms.

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We are looking for partners in the athletes & coaching, preventive health, and scientific research communities to collaborate with our team. 

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We’re looking to partner with open minded coaches interested in using our services to help their athletes or teams reach their true potential. We are also looking for active and motivated individuals in the fitness and sport communities willing to test our products, provide honest feedback, and have a voice in future developments as well as in sport advocacy.


Is your passion improving human health and public health with a touch of curiosity? Preventive Health is indeed a key focus partnership area. We are looking to partner with the Life Sciences industry and practitioners in education and health communities as well as progressive jurisdictions that promote the prescription of physical activity and sport.


We are looking to become a key partner to the physiology, health and sport science research communities around the world. We envision opportunities to foster open innovation and allow researchers to explore their own research areas with the support of our cognitive software and growing ecosystem.