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The Better by Sport® team is driven by curiosity, diversity, energy, experience, learning hunger and passion in Sport and Lifestyle Health. Our talent comes from all corners of the world, with an equally expansive network of design, life sciences, engineering, data science, cyber security, law, finance, sport and business knowledge.
We have been working for or we consulted to world top technology, mobility, media and consumer sports brands like Intel, Intel Capital, Nokia, Samsung, TSMC, GE Healthcare, Nike Japan, Fuji TV Pony Canyon, Deloitte, Informa, Team Sky (now INEOS), BMC Racing, Jaybird Logitech, as well as government organizations and institutions: Australian Federal Government, United Nations, International Olympic Committee – Medical and Scientific Commission.

J. Chris Lonchampt

Co-Founder, President CEO, Global Sport and Health

Sports passion: alpine skiing, running, hiking, sailing, tennis, team sports.

Favourite travel experience: Japan. Why? I realized a dream on Hokkaido, professional ski instruction with passionate people and exploration of delicious seafood.

Didier Barani

Co-founder, Chief Science and Sport Officer, Monaco

Sports passion: alpine skiing, ironman triathlon, mountain biking, hiking, team sports.

Favourite travel experience: North America. Why? a fabulous trip across the West, great moments of joy and happiness shared in family.



Sports passion: dance, running, French boxe, Jazz dance again!

Favourite travel experience: Patients' inner journey. Why? Human being can show unsuspected courage and grit!

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Sports passion: coming soon
Favourite travel experience: coming soon

Bobby Julich OLY

VP Ventures, USA

Sports passion: road cycling (2004 Athens Olympics Time Trial silver medal), mountain biking, golf, team sports and what ever sport my daughters want to play in the driveway or back yard.

Favourite travel experience: Japan. Why? I was mesmerized by the culture, customs, history, cuisine, technology and people.

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Sports passion: coming soon

Favourite travel experience: coming soon

Roger Hinkson


Sports passion: soccer/football, team sports, running, karate.

Favourite travel experience: Trinidad & Tobago. Why? I love the energy, colour, vibrancy and celebration of life. Difficult to compare.

Angelo Minoru Kawajiri

Executive Advisor, Japan

Sports passion: track and field, sprint, soccer/football.

Favourite travel experience: Sorrento, Italy. Why? The most amazing landscapes, best food, best sea view and most awesome people I have ever seen.

Elina Lonchampt

Executive Advisor, Australia

Sports passion: hiking, triathlon swimming, running, road cycling, skiing.

Favourite travel experience: Tasmania, Australia. Why? I hiked the 90km long Overland Track with great friends. It was a fun and rewarding adventure with incredible moments of happiness!

Kate Rodgers

Executive Advisor, Health USA

Sports passion: dancing, skiing, yoga, hiking, biking

Favourite travel experience: Denmark. Why? First time living abroad and emerging myself in a new culture. I discovered my love for biking and hygge!