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Better by Sport® is your solution for personalized actionable data and
multi-sport services
with your best performance goals or highest quality of life in mind.


Meet Your New Favorite Training Tool

IPTP™ (Individual Physiological Transformation Planner)


Physiological Insights

With over 30 years of physiological research and expertise, our platform offers a new level of physiological insights and meaningful data to give you the competitive advantage.

Cloud-Based Platform

Bringing data and performance coaching to the palm of your hand. Both mobile and wearable applications store your physiological data and insights on a highly secure cloud-based platform.

Cognitive Learning

Our cognitive algorithms allow you to focus on your training while they learn over time what will bring you to your peak performance. Real time feedback combined with historic training data creates a training tool you’ve only dreamed of.

High Performance

The Better By Sport platform leverages your physiological data, tracked training information, and training history into a personalized and optimized training program to ensure the highest level of performance.


Three Steps. That’s all it takes. 


Through a series of athletic testing and information provided by the user, Better By Sport learns your body’s individual capabilities, limits, optimal training peaks, and more. Our platform will guide you through the data, making your goals attainable and applicable as you set them.


Once we’ve learned a little more about you, our technology, built with cognitive learning, goes to work to provide custom feed back and learns your personal training habits – delivered right to your personal device.


Better By Sport will serve as your personal tool to reach your highest performance level as you train for your next goal, whether your an elite athlete or fitness enthusiast. Understand how to achieve ultimate fitness and greatness, inside and out.

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